Business Advertising Banners...

  • Banner will appear on hundreds of main pages throughout the site.
  • Or Breed, State, or Cattle Class specific... For example, all Angus pages or all Oklahoma pages. 

Monthly Cost*

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
Large Banner
Standard Banner


Monthly Cost* for banner appearing on specific breed, state, or cattle class pages... This equates to exposure on hundreds of pages.

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
Standard Banner
*Cost includes construction of the banner... Banner can be changed.

A 3-Frame Banner triples the amount of information/graphics that can be displayed.
Large Banner... 300 x 250 Pixels

Large Banner Ad

 Standard Banner... 350 x 120 Pixels

 Small Banner Ad

Please note that the “dynamic-resizing” utilized by some tablets, smartphones, and other devices often results in graphics being resized for optimum viewing.
Contact TCR for additional information. 
Advertisers will be invoiced monthly based on the term selected. Should an advertiser cancel before the term expires, the monthly rate will be recalculated to correspond to the nearest term completed and advertiser will be invoiced for the corrected amount... For example, an advertiser who committed to a term of 1 year, but cancels after the 3rd month, will receive a final invoice for 3 months @ the 3 month rate, less amount already paid.
TCR does not provide statistics... "Click-Throughs" is the most important statistic and your internal statistics will be the most trustworthy.

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