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The key to navigating the site are the 5 Dropdown Menus at the top of each page… From there, you can go anywhere on the site.

In the bottom, right corner of every page, you will see “Click” it to go to the top of the page.


If viewing a cattle listing on a larger screen, click on any of the smaller photos to activate the "Photo Carousel" and view enlarged photos... Using the "arrows" on the carousel, click on the left or right arrows to go to the next photo.  On larger smart phones, "swipe" left or right to go to the next photo.


Locating Cattle...

Start from the "CATTLE FOR SALE" dropdown above


To view cattle of a particular Breed... For example, Angus

  • CATTLE FOR SALE > Breeds > Angus
  • To view all Angus listings, indexed by Class, scroll below the Cattle Class & State/Province tables on the Angus page
  • Narrow your search by selecting the Cattle Class or State on the Angus page
    • For example, click on "Bred Heifers" to see all Angus Bred Heifers

    • All Angus Bred Heifer listings are indexed below the State/Province table
    • If looking for Angus Bred Heifers in Oklahoma, click on "Oklahoma" in the States table


To view cattle of a particular Class... For example, Cows

  • CATTLE FOR SALE > Cattle Class > Cows
  • To view all Cows listings, indexed by State, scroll below the Breed & State/Province tables on the Cows page
  • Narrow your search by selecting the Breed or State/Province on the Cows Page
    • For example, click on "Red Angus" to see all Red Angus Cows

    • Click on Missouri to view all Red Angus Cows in Missouri


To view all cattle in a particular State/Province... For example, Texas

  • CATTLE FOR SALE > States > Texas
  • Below the Breed & Cattle Class tables are Recent Listings
  • Narrow your search by selecting the Cattle Class or Breed
    • For example, click on Bulls... Below the Breeds table are All Bulls in Texas indexed by Region 

    • Select a Breed, for example Brangus, to view all Brangus Bulls in Texas, indexed by Region


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